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Products: medical refrigerator

Medical incubator with temperature records

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SNOWSONG (Snow Song) brand products in this series of high strength outer layer of impact-resistant plastic, the inner labyrinth of white plastic storage design, installation microcomputer temperature display, memory system that can accurately record the past two weeks the inside temperature, accurate, stable, true record temperature values. Particularly suitable for pharmaceutical distribution, research and experimental areas, environmental protection and health sector and other sectors, convenient to carry, store temperature-sensitive drugs, reagents, and materials used.


BW-60 BW-30 BW-90

Product Features


● professional structure designed to ensure the overall strength;

● Computer LCD, operation information is complete;

● true record temperature, can immediately check;

● Advanced insulation materials, low thermal conductivity;

● Internal labyrinth structure, cooling capacity loss less.


The main technical parameters


Effective volume: 60 L (l)

Showing information for: brand, battery level, temperature, time;

Temperature data: the first two weeks the temperature at any time, recorded every 10 minutes;

Query temperature: enter the date and time displayed immediately to check the date, time, temperature;

Attachment Capacity :2-8 ℃ cold storage features 2,000 grams regenerator two, an electrical impulse

Dimensions: 610 × 410 × 420 (L × W × H) mm

Internal Dimensions: 530 × 340 × 330 (L × W × H) mm

Empty Weight: 12kg

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