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Products: medical refrigerator

-25/2~8℃ Medical Freezers

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This series of products using refrigeration, heating thermostat bidirectional way, the freezer temperature at about 4 ℃ freezer temperature below -18 ℃, can be arbitrarily set the desired value, through professional design of the control system, the temperature difference ± 1 ℃ range to ensure that the stored goods from the impact of the temperature difference, the maximum extension of the article would like to have quality, especially for medical, health, disease prevention, food, chemical, military, scientific research and other departments to store temperature-sensitive drugs, reagents, materials used.


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Professional design

Professional microcomputer control, LCD display, all information at a glance;

Refrigeration, heating two-way temperature control technology, high-precision temperature control box;

Construct humanized design, fully consider the characteristics of professional use.

Multiple safety

Security lock designed to prevent casual opening;

Full fault monitoring, high temperature and low alarm;

Setting password protection, only hand operation.

Easy to use

LOE coated glass doors, security and non-condensing power;

Dip shelves adjusted, easy to clean;

Computer comes with storage systems, you can view or print the last two weeks the temperature inside.

Stable operation

Structural precision, ABS plastic inner box;

Air-cooled frost, ultra-quiet operation;

All parts selection and optimization, stable and reliable.

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