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Reefer container repair

发布时间: 2013-08-03  分类:news  浏览次数: 2636

First, the refrigerated container repairs

Refrigerated containers with ordinary dry container biggest difference lies in the repair of reefer containers in addition to the cabinet, there are machines repairs.


1) uses the same cabinet repair IICL standards, compared with the dry container repair, because there is foam layer refrigerated containers, so a lot of repairs, such as subsidies, Duan fill foam is required after treatment to ensure that after the repair has original box The density of the same body to ensure insulation properties.


2) Machine-to-machine repair mainly involves two aspects of piping and electrical repairs. Our use of the "Carrier" and "Mitsubishi" performed by the controller unit to control operation of the entire unit, the controller has an alarm system, when a fault is detected during the operation, it will alarm codes appears on the display, through the alarm code, you can easily repair technician to perform troubleshooting, should be noted that not all faults will have an alarm occurs, if the state of heavy container related personnel to monitor the unit, you must first display control for temperature and comparing actual set temperature, if the control temperature deviation, even if no alarms are present, must also be set to determine whether further testing is faulty. Of course, if there are alarms exist, then the unit is certainly a problem. Below are listed separately "Carrier" and "Mitsubishi" crew common alarm code to facilitate understanding:


A: Mitsubishi unit

# 105 EEPROM failure fault # 108 # 107 SRAIN power failure # 200 # 201 controlled temperature fault fault # 202 high pressure and low pressure phase failure fault # 207

# 330 high pressure sensor fault # 331 # 412 low pressure sensor failure left the compressor motor failure # 413 left off the compressor overheating fault

# 415 Right off the compressor motor failure # 417 # 550 Right compressor overheating fault fault # 997 lithium battery power shortage alert B: Carrier unit

# 20 # 22 control circuit Insurance disconnect the evaporator fan motor compressor motor safety security # 24

# 25 condenser fan motor safety

# 26 All intake and return air control sensor fault detection circuit calibration failure # 27


# 51 # 53 alarm list is full nickel-cadmium battery failure

# 54 primary air inlet sensor fault # 56 main return air sensor fault # 57

Ambient temperature sensor failure

# 58 compressor pressure safety

# 60 # 62 defrost termination sensor failure compressor circuit fault

# 68 condenser pressure sensor failure

Of course, when a problem is detected, the fault code simply indicates that the component may be a problem, you need to first inspect the part, but the same does not exclude other failure caused the alarm, according to the actual situation of the corresponding repairs.


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