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Reefer pier transfer

发布时间: 2013-08-03  分类:news  浏览次数: 1757

Reefer container transfer pier damaged in use, the division of responsibilities will involve the issue of container in all aspects of the transfer of operations is essential, and in all aspects of the transfer, the transfer of the pier problems are most prominent, especially in refrigerated containers and terminal handover, much more troublesome than the dry box.


Currently, the transfer of the ship pier there are still some problems, and some fairly standard ports, some ports is a bit confusing, especially in some of the non-basic port (such as the Pearl River Delta outlets) or transshipment port, the transfer is unknown, unclear responsibilities damaged , to the shipping company caused unnecessary losses. Reefer handover, the same principle with the dry container, but in dry container complex than inspections, the ship must be in the closed box cooler unit from the box and carefully examine two aspects.


Now often have this phenomenon, in the port of destination discovery Cabinet severe deformation, or even to normal lifting boxes, agents say when unloading is the way the original residue, and check the transfer record, the record is good loading port, unloading ship when the ship is no record shows that mean tank damage is caused by the ship? Therefore, in order to facilitate a clear responsibility, the ship must do a good job loading port, unloading port and transshipment handover records.

First, the transfer of the ship and loading port


1 check box

At the time of shipment, the ship should be carefully monitored to check for obvious damaging freezer make damaged records and see whether it is properly recorded in Hong Kong, for the crane failure or improper operation of the crane box damage, in addition to make a record shall promptly notify the scene outside the agency, severely damaged, and can no longer be considered loaded on board, because the freezer with dry cargo containers are different, even if the chiller unit is operating normally, the box will have an impact severely damaged the cooling effect.


(2) Check the cooler unit

Check unit parts without significant deformation, with or without the collision traces, if any, should pay special attention, first check the power before the voyage. Inspection found that the unit is not operating properly, unable to maintain the set temperature, immediately notify the container management center and field agents, maintenance personnel will immediately arrange boat repair. For the repair can not be on board, in principle, required to remain in port shipped repairs.

Second, the transfer of the ship and the port of unloading

Ship for the ship loaded freezer should be very clear case, for housing, unless sailing experience a sudden event, otherwise when unloading at the port of destination, box records the status report should not be the time of shipment records are materially different, unloading and field agents should (or outside the grounds) that clear conditions, with or without damaging the box, make the transfer record, is to avoid the original box in the discharging port damage caused by the transfer of good and not because there is no identify responsibilities.


Reefer pier transfer, mainly to distinguish the party responsible for causing damaging, but also for a damaging freezer can be timely maintenance plays a key role.

Transfer standard (refer to the “Shanghai Port International Container Management Interim Measures”)


1 heavy boxes:

Case in good condition, box number clearly seals complete and correct, special container machinery, electrical installations in normal operation and in accordance with export documented requirements.


2 empty boxes:

Box intact, watertight, no light leakage, clean, dry, odorless, clear box number and loading specifications, special container machinery, electrical installations without exception.


3 Other conditions

Where the box number and loading specification is unknown, incomplete, seal damage, loss, lost, unable to identify or export documented discrepancies box structure does not match the ISO standard, severely bruised, cuts, holes, leaked, not watertight, Door not closed Kai, weld burst dented over the inner end face three centimeters, convex outer face loss super corner pieces, box contamination or insect infestation, installed over untreated hazardous cargo outside the box labeled Hazard Symbols Untreated, container appurtenances damaged or destroyed, special containers machinery, electrical installations exception, container security plate (CSC PLATE) lost for, etc. should be noted.


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