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Cold storage cargo transport guide

发布时间: 2013-08-03  分类:news  浏览次数: 1745

Usually refrigerated container transport of goods to food-based, this guide can be used as a general guide, but different fresh goods has its particularity, not necessarily solve all the practical problems that appear during transportation should be strictly in accordance with the instructions in the owner, that make up these common sense information conducive errors generated during transmission.

In refrigerated containers during transport, there are many possible factors that affect the preservation of the quality of goods, the annex foreign research institutions on fresh cargo transportation requirements detailed descriptions available for your reference.


(2) What is the preservation of the goods

“Fresh goods” can be understood as a very perishable things in this guide fresh goods usually refers to foods. If not handled carefully, over time, the goods will deteriorate, reducing the value, you can not sell.

All affected fresh goods “shelf life” of the influencing factors should be carefully considered and controlled during transport.

Fresh goods including refrigerated products, frozen meat, seafood, dairy products, fruits, vegetables, horticultural products and flowers blossoming bulbs, chemicals, photographic equipment.

* “Shelf-life” means the placing of goods on the shelves of the supermarket shelf time.


3 Fresh Factors

There are many factors that can affect the goods themselves each shelf life of fresh goods, whether it be in a frozen state. Refrigerated serve only appropriate to extend the shelf life, and can not be extended indefinitely, such as storing food inside the refrigerator about a week will turn bad. Goods producers must ensure that the original quality goods, for fruits and vegetables picked at the right maturity. For long distance transportation, needed a fungicide or other drugs for treatment of the same nature, some goods such as fruit also need sealing wax on the surface, in addition to the choice of packaging material must not affect the air circulation and cooling. The following is the preservation of the quality of the main factors: 1) Temperature

Refrigerated container transport is through refrigeration lowering the temperature to prolong shelf life of food preservation methods, metabolic cause spoilage and deterioration caused by microorganisms or enzymes in low temperature conditions will be slowed.

The shelf life of only a few weeks of the goods, when the transit time is only a few days when one or two degrees at the most suitable time shipping. But when the shelf life of only a few days, you will need at the most suitable for this kind of product temperature transport.

In most suitable temperature can ensure the longest shelf life. In estimating the transit time, consider loading and unloading, unpacking and time to market. Another temperature fluctuations during transport will reduce shelf life, so must be strictly controlled reefer transport off time, the general control within half an hour.


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