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Stacking in all modes of transport are very important factors in the goods package can yes yes cardboard boxes, pallets, mesh bag or hanging meat form. Stacking must be stable, to avoid handling or transportation damage occurred, and to facilitate the free circulation of air between the goods. Frozen products

Frozen products must be pre-cooled to the correct transport temperature. Air only circulates between the channel and the goods in the packaging and pallets should be sufficient space between to ensure that the air circulation in the stacking space.

Transport of goods between the wall and the air circulation through the vehicle on-board pressure trough or gutter be installed. Made smooth side design has become a trend, the need for a relatively high temperature of these parts to be controlled. Refrigerated products

Refrigerated products such as fruit or vegetable is living tissue, and when they breathe will produce heat. According to the different types of fruit or vegetable heat generated is different, and with the goods themselves temperature. To ensure the heat exchange there must be a large number of air circulation to ensure that all the loading portion in contact with air.

Cardboard cartons of fruit

Such as packaging right size, you can take a stacked into a massive, easy to count. Like stacking bricks have better stability, but not for ventilation, can cause heat build-up. Vented cartons effective than closed, frequently used, such as bananas have high respiration rate is usually cut into a few hours immediately after the fight the cold vented cartons for transport.

In mature deciduous fruits, such as apples and pears, when pre-cooling to transport temperature can be closed with a cardboard box or tray-cabin for transport.

If no good fruit nuts air circulation, due to heat build-up caused by breathing is more serious, particularly in the cargo was brick-like shape when stacked board.

If fruit is not properly pre-cooling, ventilation must be left between the space in the carton. In order to achieve sufficient cooling rate, the floor must be covered in the cardboard box near a large gap may be left between, preferably not more than 10 mm, to allow air to flow between the cardboard box.

Must recognize that many of the design of refrigeration transport and container transport of goods just to keep the temperature, for most products, conveyance or container cargo from ambient temperature to 20. C to 25. C cooled to 0. C or so of not less than 5-7 days. Cooling efficiency by avoiding goods too cold, the heat from the cargo refrigeration unit with capacity constraints.


Many vegetables and fruits high heat than breathing, goods in transit must be pre-cooled to the required temperature.

Greens, lettuce and vegetables precooling, the use of polyethylene bags and then into cardboard boxes, you can brick-shaped stacking transport.

For the goods packed in net bag, such as onions, potatoes, carrots, melons, refrigeration units can be strong only in the case of ventilation for transport. Size is very small when the goods may not be loaded by carton stacking method. Carrot stacking density would hinder the flow of air, vertical stacking pile density than the horizontal.

When the cargo without refrigeration, it is necessary to put in pallets flip ends so insulated. If no ventilation, all vegetables and fruits will produce heat, causing the cargo temperature.

Refrigerated meat

The whole piece of meat to hang for packing goods must pay attention to all the parts of air circulation. Care must be taken to prevent stacking goods damaged. Meat and meat packing should be affixed to the bone and bone paste, and shall transport or containers close to the bone side of the side plate. Air and temperature effects on the transport

In order to ensure that the goods to maintain a normal temperature, it must ensure proper air circulation. Cargo conveyance or container floor must stacking properly. Stacking will cause poor air circulation is poor, when the goods are not fully pre-cooling will cause the cooling process slows, the temperature difference between the goods will be great.

Compare the following key:

1) Press the stacking of goods commonly used methods. In occasional transport pallets ends do not leave much of a gap. Avoid uneven tension, to prevent heat build-up during transport.

2) the goods ends between the door with a wood or an empty cardboard box to fill the gap. Such as the use of loading pallets must cover the floor void.

3) the goods must be left between the upper and roof voids. At 40 feet is typically 10 cm, 20 feet long and 7.5 centimeters. If there is no air circulation gap will be blocked.

4) use carton size and dimensions match the conveyance or container and should be fitted loose a little. 5) vertical cardboard boxes need to be separated (separated), especially for hot or breathing goods, preferably with ventilated cardboard box. Some goods having a high gas barrier, which has an impact on the air circulation and temperature.


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