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Products: medical refrigerator

2 ~ 8 ℃ Vaccine freezer

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This series of products using the powerful refrigeration, extra-thick insulation system, the vaccine will be stored in the most rapid freezing continues, the maximum extension of the original quality vaccines, the temperature at 2 ~ 8 ℃, can be arbitrarily set the desired value. Can be used for saving vaccines, reagents, etc., for research institutes, laboratories, hospitals, disease prevention and control centers and livestock systems and other units.


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Professional design

Professional microcomputer control, digital display, the inside temperature at a glance;

Accurate temperature measurement technology, uniform temperature control box;

Thicker insulation plus professional ice storage technology, power outages after maintaining the temperature for 24 hours.

Multiple safety

Security lock designed to prevent casual opening;

Multiple failure alarm, low temperature alarm;

Dark operation settings, prevent arbitrary changes to the settings.

Easy to use

Dayuan corner flat door, dip small items hanging blue, easy to operate;

Plastic coated flat inner box design, easy to clean;

Wire condenser, mute, power.

Stable operation

Compact structure precision, the box cover steel plate;

All parts selection and optimization, stable and reliable

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