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Products: medical refrigerator

2 ~ 10 ℃ medical freezers (small)

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 single2 (3) SYX-683 SYX-333

Product Features

Professional design

Professional microcomputer control, LCD display, all information at a glance;

Refrigeration, heating two-way temperature control technology, high-precision temperature control box;

Construct humanized design, fully consider the characteristics of professional use.

Multiple safety

Security lock designed to prevent casual opening;

Full fault monitoring, high temperature and low alarm;

Setting password protection, only hand operation.

Easy to use

LOE coated glass doors, security and non-condensing power;

Dip shelves adjusted, easy to clean;

Computer comes with storage systems, you can view the temperature inside the last two weeks.

Stable operation

Structural precision, ABS plastic inner box;

Air-cooled frost, ultra-quiet operation;

All parts selection and optimization, stable and reliable.

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