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Portable medicine refrigerator

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2 ~ 8 ℃ portable refrigerator
Snowsong portable refrigerator adopts semiconductor refrigeration technology, not only can it be frozen, It can also be heated and insulated; it does not use compressor, does not contain freon, has no noise and pollution; it is designed with AC and DC dual power supply; it has the advantages of low power consumption, long service life, beautiful appearance, small volume and easy to carry. It is a world recognized environmental protection product and an ideal product for short and medium distance transportation, small amount of storage and cold storage of drugs.
Five blessings
⊙ special control: brand professional computer controller, more practical;
⊙ double cooling sheet: Double semiconductor refrigeration system, more powerful;
⊙ dual power supply: vehicle power supply and municipal power supply, more assured;
⊙ rich configuration: hand in hand with shelf, more convenient;
⊙ optional cold storage bag: it can also be equipped with cold storage bag, which is more reliable;

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