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-150 ~ - 80 ℃ deep low temperatu

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-150-80 ℃ deep low temperature refrigerator
Snowsong brand deep low temperature refrigerator series products adopt high-power direct cooling "single machine self overlapping refrigeration system", high-efficiency and super thick insulation system. When the temperature is between - 80 ℃ and - 150 ℃, the required value can be set arbitrarily. Through "Aoxue professional temperature control system", the temperature difference can be controlled within ± 2 ℃. It is suitable for the freezing storage of drugs, reagents, food and materials in pharmaceutical rooms, laboratories, laboratories, laboratories, scientific research institutes, animal farms, breeding farms, pharmaceutical factories, food factories, electronic factories, mechanical and electrical plants, etc., or used as equipment in low temperature environment.
Six characteristics
⊙ patent technology: single machine self overlapping refrigeration system, faster;
⊙ special control: Aoxue special computer controller, more professional;
⊙ LCD: display temperature and record in Chinese, more intuitive;
⊙ rich configuration: fixed or movable shelf, more convenient;
⊙ stable operation: imported host and silent configuration, more reliable;
⊙ safety control: with door lock and over temperature alarm, more secure;

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