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Ultra-low temperature freezer and maintenance of the structure

发布时间: 2013-08-03  分类:news  浏览次数: 1766

Organizational structure of ultra-low temperature freezer

Ultra-low temperature freezer generally has both horizontal and vertical cabinet. Order within the enclosure material is generally divided into a plurality of layers, each independently switches are designed with the inner door. Outside the box generally five cold-rolled steel with each other directly splicing. 60mm and 80mm outside the box each poly-urethane foam material. Thermostats platinum resistance sensor, for accurate temperature control. Refrigerant is now generally using environmentally friendly refrigerants to meet environmental requirements.

Ultra-low temperature freezer refrigeration system using cascade refrigeration basic working principle, the choice of two closed compressor as a high, low stage compressor used. Low level in the evaporator coil form copper plate directly attached to the outside of the inner case and a thermal caulking mastic coil and the box in the gap between the wall, in order to increase the heat exchange effect. Condensation of shell and tube evaporator structure, internal as four screw-type copper, using countercurrent heat exchange.

Low-level system is also added with a gas heat exchanger, can come out from the evaporator into the condenser of the low pressure gas with a high pressure gas of evaporator heat exchange, so as to reduce the heat load of the evaporator condensate, and take full advantage of heat . Filters use more wax-type filter, which is designed to effectively remove frozen paraffin oil in order to reduce the system “oil blocking” possibilities. Besides ultra-low temperature freezer according to different purposes can also be a number of optional accessories, such as, temperature recorder, easy permanent record of operating parameters; carbon dioxide backup system for exceptional circumstances, to ensure preservation of the environment of the gas to maintain a normal state; voltage booster can ensure the compressor at low pressure to work properly.

Ultra-low temperature freezer for care and maintenance to extend its life and normal use is particularly important if the temperature control is not exactly the saved objects often leads to damage a great impact on the experimental results, thus affecting the research work carried out normally. 1, monthly cleaning to ensure its cleanliness inside the refrigerator with a dry cloth to remove a small amount of external and accessories dust, if the refrigerator is dirty, use a neutral detergent, and then rinse thoroughly washed with pure water. But not in the refrigerator inside and on top flush, otherwise it will damage the insulation and cause a malfunction. Compressors and other mechanical parts without the use of lubricants. Clean the compressor rear fan with caution. After cleaning, carry out safety checks to ensure that the refrigerator plug good, not virtual access; make sure the plug is not abnormal heat; ensure the back of the refrigerator’s power cord is not cracked and distribution wires and nicks. 2, start the alarm siren

When confronted with alarm when the alarm starts, usually by the following aspects to be checked.

First, check if there are problems or the power plug is pulled out jack;

Second, check the internal thermometer is out of the proper range, in this case, items placed in the refrigerator will heat up and trigger the alarm;

Third, check whether too many items into one.

3, refrigerator cooling is not sufficient

Check the evaporator surface if there is frost; refrigerator door is switch off frequency; refrigerator is touching the back wall; whether to put too many items.

4, refrigerator excessive noise

Check the floor is solid; refrigerator is stable; such as instability, tuning activities to make the four corners of the screws firmly supported on the base plate; whether objects come into contact with the back of the refrigerator.

If the cooling effect, refrigerator without stopping the machine, the heat pipe is not hot, there is a small evaporator airflow sound, because these are slow refrigerant leak caused serious defects sake. In actual use, will encounter many other problems, such solution to the problem

Need to continue to accumulate experience before removing obstacles, making the ultra-low temperature freezer to achieve the best working condition.


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