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2 ~ 48 ℃ medical incubator (embe

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This series of products using refrigeration, heating thermostat bidirectional mode, temperature control at between 2 ~ 48 ℃, can be arbitrarily set the desired value, through professional design of the control system, the temperature difference of ± 1 ℃, ensure storage items from the impact of the temperature difference, the maximum extension of the article would like to have quality. Particularly suitable for medical, health, disease prevention, food, chemical, military, scientific research and other departments Storage temperature-sensitive drugs, reagents, blood, and materials used.

Medical incubators can also be used as refrigerated and frozen goods thawing, warming box to use. PTC heating with variable power components, the specialized control system for heating objects to be thawed whole process between control and effective control of heating rate, to ensure that the stored goods from the impact of a high temperature difference, the heating process is to prevent acute thaw matter tissue composition big change, the maximum guarantee a quality article vows, is the ideal product for the medical profession.

\"HWX-195\" \"HWX-95\"

Professional design

Professional microcomputer control, digital display;

Two-way adjustment, high precision temperature control;

Specialization desktop or embedded designs.

Multiple safety

Safety locks, anti-free open;

Fault monitoring, high and low temperature alarm;

Password protection, only hand operation.

Easy to use

Coated glass doors, security no condensation;

Stainless steel shelves, height adjustable interval;

Dedicated embedded duct, place is not an area.

Stable operation

Compact structure, embedded design;

Air-cooled frost, ultra-quiet operation;

Imported EBM fan, stable and reliable


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